World of Warships: Legends has Soft Launched in Canada


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Wargaming has announced that it’s bringing World of Warships: Legends to mobile. The first step in that process is a soft launch on Android that’s limited to Canada.

The soft launch is available right now, and anyone with a high-end Android device and a Canadian location can give it a go. You’ll need a lot of space on your device to do it, though – the full client is 8GB.

The game features a new control system designed for touchscreen, as well as offering cross play and cross save capabilities.


During this test there are only going to be three nations available to players – USA, Germany and Japan – but you can expect a full roster when the game launches proper.

When that will be, we’re not sure. But we’ll definitely keep you posted as and when we hear more. For now, if you live in Canada, you can click here to download World of Warships: Legends. It’s free with IAP.

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