Touchgrind Scooter has Scooted Onto the Google Play Store


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In the latest in a long line of things that we said we were going to happen happening, Touchgrind Scooter has launched on the Google Play Store. It’s the latest in the Touchgrind series and, as you might imagine, involves scooters.

It features two-touch control that’s going to be familiar to anyone who’s played the other Touchgrind games, and allows you to flip and twist your scooter over a series of obstacles.

There are a bunch of different modes, challenges and levels, with various routes and secrets to find along the way. Hey, let’s watch ourselves a trailer, shall we?

The game is a lot of fun, once you get to grips with the slightly tricky controls, and hitting a perfect line is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

If you’d like to give the game a go, you can click here to grab it from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP. If you fancy a different kind of extreme sport, click here to check out our list of the best games of that ilk for Android.

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