Pokemon Unite Getting Some Festive New Content for the Holidays


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A couple of days ago, Pokemon Unite was bragging about hitting the 50 million download mark. Now it’s revealed a whole heap of festive content that’s landing in time to celebrate the holidays. There are new Pokemon, new events and loads more.

The new Pokemon come in the form of Tsareena and Dragonite. Tsareena is available now, and is an all-rounder with moves like Trop Kick and Grassy Glide. You can get a Unite license for Tsareena just by logging into the game before the end of the month. Dragonite will be available from December 20th.

Then there’s a new event – Snowball Battle in Shivre City. It runs from December 15th until January 16th and sees Pokemon turning into snowmen when they’re defeated. Even though you’re frozen you can still relay tactical info until you respawn.

There’s loads more going on besides, from free Unite licenses for every Pokemon at the start of January to a special photo challenge. You can find out more about all of that at the official Pokemon Unite website right here.

If festive twists are enough to convince you to give Pokemon Unite a go, you can click here to download the game from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP.

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