How to Strategize Apps for Android Wear OS?


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With Google’s recent emergence in the market for smartwatch operating systems, the demand for smartwatch apps has grown significantly. In this blog, we will holistically talk about how to strategize apps for Android Wear OS to supercharge your wrist.

Keeping the crux of the smartwatch OS the same, Wear OS has embraced change by adding significant features in the latest OS update but kept the essence of the Wear OS the same. Wear OS is versatile and can be used for both Android and iOS devices. Business can leverage Android Wear OS and earn better revenue, launched in 2014, Google rebranded Android Wear OS as Wear OS in 2018.

Also, Android Rank states that Wear OS by Google smartwatch has over 10 million installs and 215,739 total ratings (4.0 average ratings), with both of these numbers continuing to increase.

What Is Wear OS by Google?​

Wear OS by Google (formerly Android Wear OS) syncs your smartwatch not only with your android phone but also with iOS devices so you can get the most out of your smartwatch. With Wear OS, you can track your health and fitness, see important messages, easily use Google Assistant, and more, all from your wrist. Wear OS works with smartphones running Android 6.0+ and iOS 10.0+.

Android Wear App Ideas for Wear OS​

As mentioned earlier, Wear OS has evolved in recent years by adding new features. With that being said, there are still plenty of opportunities for Android Wear developers to capitalize on this technology. Here we have discussed some of them:

Messaging App​

An app that can send texts (written or spoken and translated by Google assistant) and make video calls right from the wrist is appealing for many smartwatch users. These features are part of the making of a successful Wear OS messaging app and will help attract users.

Creating an all-in-one messaging app for Android Wear OS that can be used for voice and text messages along with a video calling feature is a smart move to make for any business.

GPS & Navigation Apps​

An easy-to-navigate map is something many Wear OS smartwatch users want on their wrist. Being able to check a location with a glance would simplify directions. Thus, incorporating some distinct features such as turn-by-turn directions, arrival time estimation, among other elements in your navigation app for Android Wear OS, could give your business an entirely new source of revenue.

Note-Taking App​

How about having an app that helps in increasing productivity? An easy-to-use note-taking app could be a great app idea for Android Wear OS. Some features to consider if you are interested in developing one would be: the ability to sync your smartwatch with a note app like Google Keep or iPhone notes app can make your app instantly installable in the eye of users. Also, incorporating the OK Google voice command feature in your note-taking app is advisable.

Music App​

A music app that supports Wear OS is a lucrative concept if a business is looking forward to conceptualizing a music app for Android Wear OS. Having a convenient music app on the wrist that shows users song lyrics would be well-received by many. With the growing popularity of podcasts, enabling them in your music app would be another attractive feature.

Shopping App​

An ideal shopping app synced with your Wear OS watch that is easy-to-use can entice users to an unforeseen level. Investing in making an appealing shopping app for Android Wear OS can compel your users to hit the install button instantly, which will make them shop, right from their wrist and, thus improving their shopping experience.

P2P Payment App​

An essential app to have on users’ wrist is a convenient payment app, something like Google Pay. With that in mind, building a prominent payment app for Android Wear OS smartwatch that can expedite transactions for users, for example – payment for tickets, foods, groceries, and others – is a great idea.

Ride-Sharing App​

Have you ever thought of booking yourself a ride, not by using your phone but by your wrist? Well, this can amaze smartwatch users to the core. Developing an app in which users can order a ride, check their driver’s progress, get estimates for a journey, and many other things right from their Wear OS watch can make an excellent user experience, and result in maximum leads and ROI.

So, these were some app concepts with a higher demand to consider if you are planning to make an app for Android Wear OS. Creating an app that engages users with the help of emerging features and excellent functionality can take your business up a notch.

Now that we have discussed the concept of apps for Wear OS, it’s time to take this a step further and discuss the best practices to follow for app development for Wear OS smartwatches.

Best Practices to Follow for Making a Successful Android Wear OS App​

Know the Terms & Conditions​

You have an ideal app idea in your mind; now, if you are looking to start your app development process, then it is advisable to first go through the guidelines and requirements for creating a successful app experience. Ensure that you understand the quality criteria for Wear OS apps because apps will only be available in the Wear OS apps section on Google Play if they are genuinely compatible with smartwatches.

User-First Design​

Once you have gone through the terms and conditions for making your next Wear OS app, the next step is to design your app. Your app design must be created based on the user-first concept. You should develop your app to offer a polished and high-quality user experience that users will want to install. Your developed Android Wear OS app must be designed to perform well and look great on Wear OS devices.

Develop a Great App​

Now that you have an understanding of the guidelines, and designed your app’s framework, it is now time to bring your thoughts into action; it is time to develop your app. You should create an app that delivers users with the right information at the right time and has a compelling feature for users to enjoy.

Test on Multiple Devices​

Even if your app is developed, the work is not done yet; it takes a lot more than you think. To get featured in Google Play’s top app charts, your app must pass all the quality tests and should function as a standalone app. With that being said, make sure that your app works on Wear OS smartwatches that are paired with either iOS or Android devices.

Opt-in to Wear OS and Publish​

So now, you have built your ready-to-release app, tested to ensure it is meeting all the quality criteria, the next step you need to follow is to upload it to the Play Console. Before making it available for the users, Google Play then submits your app for review against Wear OS app quality and notifies you with the results.

Follow Your Submission​

You can track your submission, and the technical team at Google will also provide updates on whether or not your app is passing specific quality criteria tests. If your app doesn’t meet the required criteria, you’ll be notified with the areas of improvement; else, it will be approved.

Wrapping Up​

Developing an app for Android Wear OS is not an easy task. You will inevitably encounter some speed bumps along the way. Still, by using all of the strategies mentioned above, from app concepts for Wear OS to the best practices for building one, you can develop a successful app that will have hundreds of millions of downloads.

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