Cool Wearable App Development Concepts for Apple Watch and Android Wear


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In this blog, we will talk about the top wearable app development concepts for Apple Watch and Android Wear to assist businesses.

Wearable technology has opened up a new space in the mobile industry and is getting as popular as smartphones. There are numerous wearable devices available in the market that are paired with their requisite wearable apps to make users’ life easier, comfortable, and exciting. The most demanding wearable devices now are Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Wearable devices are bringing the world of imagination to reality, and every individual is getting fascinated by these devices at present. Wearable apps run straight on the device and have access to device’s hardware such as GPU and sensors. There are many amazing apps available on the stores that offer great functionality and usability. But there is always scope for new concepts.

Before we begin with some top concepts of wearable app development for Apple Watch and Android Wear, let’s first understand the basics of wearable devices and its apps.

What is a Wearable Device?​

The name ‘wearable’ itself illustrates that it is something related to wearing. Therefore, a wearable device is a technology or we can say an automatic hands-free gadget with practical uses that we can comfortably wear on our body. These wearable devices track information on a real-time basis. It works on motion sensors, which easily get paired and synced with smartphones and staying connected with smartphones via Bluetooth.

What is a Wearable App?​

An app that has access to user’s device software and hardware such as notification, app features, real-time analytics, sensors, etc. is known as wearable apps. A wearable app collects data from the wearable device and gets connected with the help of the network to provide added functionalities and meaningful information.

As per the stats, with total wearable device sales revenue of 16.07 billion in 2016, 33.78 in 2019, it will keep on increasing with the expected return of 73.27 billion by 2022, wearable devices are a large playing field. This trend demonstrates that it opens up an exceptional opportunity for businesses where they can work on wearable app development ideas to drive crazy revenue out of it.

Wearable apps seem similar to smartphone apps. However, they still differ in a few key areas, such as functionality, size, UI, etc. For wearable app development, you require an app development agency that has experience working on wearable apps.

For cross-platform, a company can always opt for Xamarin Developers. Besides, the development of a wearable app is undoubtedly a smart choice for your business as it takes less cost compared to the development of smartphone apps and add benefits to your existing apps.

List of Top 5 Wearable App Development Concepts

Fitness and Health Trackers​

Fitness and health have always been people’s priority, if not everyone, at least the majority of the people are gravitating towards the idea of being fit and healthy. Better health leads people to lower hospital bills and a happy life.

Fortunately, by looking at the growing trend of using fitness bands in the form of wearable devices, it is a great idea to consider a health and fitness app for wearable devices. A wearable app is a must if you already have a smartphone app for health and fitness tracking.

Key features for Health and Fitness apps:​

  • Workout and sleep tracking
  • Fitness goal monitoring
  • Step count of users
  • Virtual fitness coaching
  • Heart rate monitor

Advanced Chat Option​

In today’s time, having a conversation daily via text is very common, and everyone is fond of the ongoing messaging trend. Users communicate via messages, not only with friends and relatives but also with their office mates.

With the spreading popularity of chat trends, it is crucial to use the advanced chat feature in the development of wearable apps so that users can receive, see, and reply to messages from wearable devices by pairing up their smartphone with wearable apps.

Key features for Chat Apps:​

  • Push notifications
  • Reply option straight from the wearable device
  • Status can be seen such as last active, etc.
  • Delivery confirmation of messages

Access to Social Media​

Social media is life and limb for people nowadays. Everybody wants easy access to their social media accounts on the tip of their phone. Social media platforms are flourishing these days, and wearable devices, along with mobile phones, are a great contributor to it.

By looking at this trend of using social media, it will be a profitable move to include the feature of accessing social media in the wearable app development concepts so that users can easily access their social media on their wearable devices.

Key features for Social Media Apps:​

  • Notification of the posts
  • User can check profile and groups feed
  • Accessibility of posts including media files
  • Can do like, comment, and share straight through wearable devices

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Voice Assistant Feature​

It is not easy to count one technology that has made our lives easier, simpler, and exciting but, there is always one technology that remains favorite of many out of others, and that is the voice assistant.

Voice assistant is a technology that has made many people’s lives easier and more organized. Voice assistant feature is considered to be a great idea to instill when it comes to thinking about the wearable app development ideas. With this feature, users can get their work done efficiently.

Key features for Voice Assistant Apps:​

  • Hands-free call, text, and email option straight from the wearable device
  • Search the web, in-app search, etc.
  • GPS navigation option
  • Setting alarms, reminders, etc.
  • Communicating with smart home and cars

GPS Technology​

Getting real-time navigation, traffic, transit information, exploring whereabouts by knowing where to eat, drink, and go is always in demand and can never go out of an individual’s need. Inculcating GPS technology in wearable apps is a smart concept from your business point of view. By doing so, users can easily navigate to places via their wearable apps by pairing up with the wearable app.

Key features for GPS navigation Apps:​

  • The option of sharing live location with others
  • Discovering places right from wearable devices
  • Check real-time traffic while riding, driving or walking
  • Travel time, speed, and other data
  • Navigation assistance

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