Android app that reminds me of my age but RANDOMLY(hour,day,week all randomized),6PM-11.59PM preferred.


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i.e I don't want to know when I am getting the reminder. I want to know my age reminder and how many days are left till my next birthday. I have found that one of the things that I am scared of is growing old ALONG with being lazy. i.e not progressing with age. So that would help me keep my motivation and procastination in check.

**I don't have any medical conditions, I have chcked myself to 3 doctors already**

Please recommend an app.

Here is the use case-:

1) This is random day say sunday.

2) It is 6-12 PM. i want this time, because that would help me wake up on time remembering about it as i procastinate in bed before waking up.**you can recommend apps except alarmy that can help me beat my sleep procastination as well**

3)I get a reminder-:

"you are this years old"

"you have this much days before you grow x+1 years old"

4) I should not know which day I am getting this reminder. I should not know what time I am getting the reminder. I should not know how many times per week I am getting the reminder. (But I hope it doesn't remind me more than 2-3 times per week).

Is there such an app? I know there is age reminder app, but a randomized one? IDK.