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    Xiaomi 12 Pro : Xiaomi is launching a new flagship phone series soon

    It's no secret to anyone that Xiaomi is launching a new flagship phone series very soon — like, "in a matter of hours" soon. The Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro have leaked in plentiful detail — we know how they'll look, and what specs they'll carry — ahead of their announcement this week. A few...
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    Android 12 lands on Nokia X20

    On the 14th of December we received the positive news that the Nokia X20 will be the first Nokia Mobile device to get Android 12 officially, and today we take a closer look at all the features that Android 12 brings to the Nokia X20, giving you an idea about what to expect when it lands on your...
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    7 Ways To Improves Your Android Phone Security In 2022

    For your device’s utmost protection, all you need is to spare some time to deploy impactful security settings alongside opting to use a few essential tools. Interestingly, most of these tools and settings are not advanced. It’s just that people keep overlooking these options and leave their...
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    How to Make a Custom Ringtone or Notification Sound on Android

    Great tutorial for Android user but I'll love to see how to customise ringtone for a special contact such that a particular ringtone can be identify by a caller
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    Why Wearable App Development is Going to be Game Changer for Healthcare?

    Wearable is the latest trend, reason why Zuckerberg's is turning facebook into metaverse. We move with latest trend